Artwalk Mobile App


The mobile application stems from the self-guided public art phenomenon known as the Downtown Art Walk, that brings thousands of art lovers and community members together every second Thursday of the month, to an ever-evolving Downtown Los Angeles. Since the event’s launch in 2012, the company behind the project has received inquiries into creating an extended mobile version of the event. Essentially, an art discovery tool that would enhance the experience not just on the day of the event, but also on a daily basis, eventually allowing for connecting with the art community on a global scale.

What exists now?

The current interaction is using a map to help you get around and discover art near you.

    • UI/UX Design
    • Design wireframes that would help inform the information architecture of the app for its initial Android release
    • Strategize and brainstorm features with stakeholders to shape the product
    • Continuously update wireframes based on findings and feedback

The first phase of the project was comprised of team brainstorming sessions which included me (UI/UX Designer), stakeholders, a project manager, and an engineer. From there, we did an affinity mapping exercise to prioritize the features that the Artwalk app would focus on.


Once we arrived at a common solution, I began to wireframe designs that would allow for:

  1. A Graphic feed in list format/view that allows users to see artworks nearby whether it’s in a gallery, coffee shop or the side of a building.
  2. A map feature showing locations of galleries, museums, and murals in relation to the user’s location
  3. Ability to post a photo and contribute to the art community

The Artwalk app is currently in its alpha phase. Click Google play link below to download.







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