Tooshlights is an IOT technology that addresses one of the biggest pain points in the public restroom experience: long lines and the awkward experience of having to peek under stalls to see if they are free. I was responsible for designing an analytics dashboard that would be a tool for facility managers, that would prioritize answering questions that would be impossible to see with the naked eye.

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Interviews and Card Sorting

The way we present collected data has a huge impact on our ability to draw meaning from it. The more intuitive the presentation is, the easier it is for all of us to make better, faster, and more informed decisions. As the UI/UX designer for this project, my goal was to present a solution that would help guide my client to more useful insights, faster.

I was able to prioritize the features of the dashboard through interviews, and card sorting. Prior to this, I had no clue what a facility managers job involved and what their needs or pain points were. Speaking with them individually helped me understand the deeper details and how this dashboard would help address some of these key issues.



The exercise of interviews and card sorting provided important details which I then translated into user needs as follows-

 As a user I should:

  • be able to toggle between different incoming data for each facility
  • know the status of all stalls
  • have a visual representation for the layout of each facility
  • a visual representation of the data for each facility
  • have the ability to control sensory light settings
  • have the ability to control battery settings
Prototype and Usability Testing

I created initial feature sketches and wireframes which I converted into a clickable prototype. Segmented clients and personas were presented with the prototype as a means of validating that we had covered all the use cases.

After validating that all the use cases have been designed for during the prototype testing, the final wireframes were tested for usability to ensure the UX is intuitive.


High-Fidelity Designs

Using Tooshlights’ already established style guide, I used different techniques like color, typography and layout to emphasize importance, and draw the user’s eye straight to the thing(s) that need immediate attention. The use of bold, and meaningful color tells the user/facility managers something important in a split-second (number of stalls open vs. closed, patterns of use etc.)—something that might otherwise have taken close to an hour to decipher.