Coffee Bean “On-Demand”


The purpose of this project was to innovate around a non-obvious service design problem. I focused on the
experience of Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf stores. Through observation and interviews I learnt that by unifying their digital experience with their service design, Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf could build loyal, life-long customer relationships.

Full disclosure: Coffee Bean is not affiliated with this project. This is a personal exploration through my Design Thinking Meetup Group. Feel free to check us out or join here


Screenshot 2016-05-07 18.40.32

Paper Prototype

Featured in the UCLA  Innovative Design Show

Next Steps

I continue to work on this project. The next step in the process would be to iterate my prototype based on the feedback I received and present users with the design. This way, I can validate that the iterations have addressed some of the issues that came up. Following that, I can move on to high fidelity prototypes and implementing a visual design that is consistent with that of Coffee Bean.