Wine Country


Wine Country is an iOS application that saves time for tech-savvy wine-tasters.
It enables busy professionals and vacationers control of their leisure time through its itinerary creation, offline maps as well as search and share capabilities. It’s an innovative, seamless user interface, and it removes the pain of planning a trip.
My role was to research, design, and test all UIs related to the project. I collaborated with the developer to launch this project.


The UX strategy was based on insights gathered
from extensive research on industry trends, a competitive analysis, and user interviews. These insights informed the development of personas and principles to design against.


I prefer starting out with low-fidelity wireframes to think through the structure of app pages. I later used Sketch to iterate through the design process.

Storyboards & Use Cases
Planning & Sharing itinerary
App Map
Early Designs

Screenshot 2017-08-18 18.47.46

Iterations & Testing

Screenshot 2017-08-16 17.08.06

Screenshot 2017-08-16 17.37.52

Screenshot 2017-08-16 17.52.09


Measurements & Learnings

After putting a prototype in the hands of users I quickly learned that changes needed to be made to both the navigation and visual elements for a better experience. Firstly, this app is a search and discovery tool for winery destinations. To simply use wine labels is not enough and assumes that every user is familiar with them, which is not the case. Creating a grid and using images of the actual tasting rooms creates a better aesthetic but also delivers on the value of the app almost immediately. Secondly, I stripped the search page of repetitive steps so that the user can input a search key and location on one screen.

We gave users the same task using a tab bar and side menu version of the app to establish how easy-to-use they found its navigation. Users commented on how the tab menu was easier and more preferable. We learned from speaking to them that since the app is a search and discovery tool, having menu items visible rather than hidden in the default state of a side menu would better fulfill the purpose of the app.