Hello, my name is Hope Ndlovu and I’m a UI/UX Designer

born in Johannesburg, South Africa, based in Los Angeles. I focus on using my education in Psychology and Design to help brands create delightful experiences.

I am a lover of coffee, minimalism, architecture, Scandinavian design and Bauhaus. I’m really stoked about translating concepts into elegant, intuitive designs. My process has evolved into one that starts with discovery and ends with development, relying heavily on iterative design.


Planning and creating concepts that are focused on the user is one of my major skills.

I’m a proud “broken-comb shaped” designer. I offer UX Design, UI Design, Product Design, Interaction Design, Conceptualizing, Prototyping, Mobile Design, Web Design, Wireframing & Graphic Design.


I believe that the best work is done without rushing and through collaboration. Good design should last long and bring value to every stakeholder.

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